Tank overlooking French & American flags

A tank overlooking French & American flags

As the 75th anniversary of D-Day approaches in 2019, tourism and memorial focus will be high and privately guided tours of Normandy, France is one of our specialties. Using our travel expertise gained from trips to the region and local contacts, we make these privately guided trips meaningful and enriching for you and your family. Here’s how we do it!

Recommended Length of Stay

American Cemetery in Normandy

The American Cemetery in Normandy, France

Normandy deserves to be more than an excursion from Paris. One of our top guides, former British General Graham Hollands once told me, “This region is far too important in your history for Americans to visit it as a day trip.”  To experience this region fully and respectfully, I recommend no fewer than 3 nights, but four or five is best for a deeper dive into WWII landing beaches, museums and other notable sites as well as local culture and other highlights that Normandy has to offer.

A Private Guide for Normandy

Normandy Private Guide

Exploring the beaches of Normandy with a private guide

To get the most from your Normandy visit, we book at least one full day with an expert guide, chosen to suit your specific interests or children’s ages. Two days is preferred for a complete experience, as the region is large and travel time between sites can fill a day. The right guide can bring the facts to life with their knowledge, personal connections, and stories not found in French guide books.

Pre-travel & Family Research

Helmet from D-Day battle

A helmet from a D-Day battle

We provide movie and reading recommendations prior to travel for you and your family, which can be customized to your unique interests in collaboration with your chosen Normandy guide. Additionally, our guides will research family member history prior to your tour so that important locations specific to your loved one’s time in Normandy can be included in both the presentation and the tour.

Normandy Lodging

Chateau d'Audrieu

The Chateau d’Audrieu luxury hotel in France

We know the best lodging options in Normandy, from the boutique and charming hotels in Bayeaux for a village-life experience to luxury resort, estate and castle-style options in the surrounding French countryside. We consider your personal style of travel and preferences when making a lodging recommendation as each option has its pros and cons.

Private Estates & Gardens

The Balleroy in Calvados, Normandy

The Balleroy in Calvados, Normandy

The Normandy region is known for its beautiful countryside which remains much the same as it was at the end of the war. We enjoy including a day exploring fine homes and gardens and can provide exclusive access to magnificent privately owned French estates.

Helicopter Tour to Mont St. Michel

American Cemetery from a helicopter tour

The view from a helicopter tour of American Cemetery in Normandy

One of the most memorable travel experiences I have ever had was our helicopter trip from a field outside Bayeux, over the landing beaches and the American Cemetery, and on to Mont St. Michel. Seeing the cliffs and shores from above cements the awesomeness and the significance of this place in your heart.

Mont St. Michel

View from above of Mont St. Michel

Flying around and landing to visit the inspiring and Christian pilgrimage destination of the cathedral on the Mont, you’ll see why we encourage the splurge on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Calvados, Cheese, and More!

Calvados from Château d'Brouay

Calvados from Château d’Brouay

Continue to enjoy the Normandy region’s fine products and countryside with a private tour to Calvados and cheese makers; take a bike ride and have a picnic, visit the Bayeux cathedral and tapestry, shop for hand-embroidered linens and antiques.

Make Normandy your multi-day destination in France, and you’ll be glad you did!