Recommended Travel Resources

Our motto:  Be prepared!  Here are some of our favorite resources and planning tools.

Flight searching and seat choices

Google flights is our favorite tool for searching flight options; Route Happy helps us find the most comfortable way of getting there; and Seat Guru helps us make sure we’re not next to the lavatory.

Cancellation Protection and Medical Coverage

Unfortunately, unexpected and unwelcome things can happen and may prevent you from taking your dream trip, resulting in financial loss from non-refundable expenses.  Or, medical care may be needed in a place where your insurance doesn’t guarantee payment.  We highly recommend that you purchase travel protection and can advise you on the benefits and considerations.


Many countries require at least 6 months of valid time after your trip return date.  And, passports are required for all travel outside the United States and its territories.  Please consult this website for additional information on getting and renewing your passport.


The CDC Travelers Website is your best resource for finding what immunizations and vaccinations are required or recommended for your destination.  We highly recommend that you consult with your personal physician as well so that your own medical history is considered.

Travel Advisories

You can signup to receive notifications when there is important news happening in your travel destination.


This website from the State Department can help you learn more about required travel documents and other travel-related information for your destination.

Smart Traveler and Embassy locations

Know where the U. S. Embassy is located in the countries you’ll be visiting, and consider registering your travels with the State Department’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program.

Find U. S. Embassies around the world.

Foreign Currency

Consider purchasing foreign currency before you go.  Find exchange rates and details at Travelex Currency Services.


We use Weatherbase for researching expected weather in various destinations.  When traveling and at home, our favorite weather app is Dark Sky.

International Cellular Phone Usage

Contact your carrier to confirm global service options, and beware of using a cellular signal to download maps, emails and videos or upload photos while traveling.  We like Wireless Traveler’s Pocket Wifi for staying connected while on the move.