How We Work

1. Initial Consultation

We are hired by our clients as professional consultants to listen to their needs, carefully consider travel options, provide advice and collaboration on selections, and deliver an expertly designed, customized, full-service itinerary.

Our consultation fee is typically $500 for a small family group, one-week vacation, but may be different for certain types of travel. For requests with a departure date within 60 days, our fee is generally $750.   Our consultation fee  allows us to provide our clients with an appropriate amount of resources in the initial Discovery and Design stages of trip planning—a key element to a successful outcome.

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2. Itinerary Design and Management

We specialize in designing customized journeys.  Additionally, we are experts on luxury resorts, river and ocean cruises, adventure experiences, and high quality group tours.  We can assist in choosing the right option to meet your travel dreams, then customize your pre- and post-tour arrangements.

For retail travel products and direct hotel bookings, our compensation is usually paid by the hotel, cruise line or tour company, through the commission that is built into the price.

For customized journeys, our fee for design and management of these arrangements is 15% of the cost of the services arranged.  This fee is due at the time of initial deposit paid to confirm travel arrangements.  In order for our clients to be fully informed of the components of their trip cost, we disclose and quote our fee separately.

We are committed to your satisfaction and rely on your referrals for our continued growth and success.  Our recommendations are always based on our sincere belief in what will be the best experience for you.

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3. Flight Services

Our services include initial research into the best flight times to coincide with your itinerary.  We partner with an air concierge service for expert flight schedule research and pricing; they provide ticketing, management of schedule changes, and 24-hour monitoring and support during travel for an additional, reasonable fee.

Our clients have the option of booking airline tickets themselves; we may also be able to package airline tickets with a resort booking through our preferred vendors at no additional cost.

We also arrange and manage private aviation.

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4. Travel Protection

We highly recommend travel protection, and refer you to this page for further information.

An additional charge will be incurred for travel protection purchased. Premiums vary depending on trip length, trip cost and traveler ages, and policies offer varying coverage levels. Please be aware that cancellation coverage is in effect for “covered” reasons only, as listed in the policy.  If you wish to have “Cancel for Any Reason” or “Required to Work” coverage, specific policy upgrades will need to be added at time of purchase.

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